Howard Johnson Aluya Plaza China
November 21, 2018
Xijiao State Guest Hotel Shanghai
November 21, 2018
No. 1 Building is the administrative VIP building of the Hotel, whose building pattern is dignified and magnanimous, attending to the architectural details and featured with artistic decoration as well as neo-classical artistic charm. In the functional layout of the interior design, the important space is arranged in a longitudinal line alongside the axis, following the feature of the clear longitudinal axis of No. 1 building; in form, materials strive for completeness, splashed with warm colors, striving to construct a momentous space perception nowhere lacking delicacy.

The public area in the ground floor is designed with a consistent and integrated manner, seeking changes in coordination, with the whole space with adequate light as well as shade. The Hallway in the entrance is tall and magnificent, loaded with imposing manner. The dynamics of the space is displayed by the double marble columns and the large chandelier. The courtyard connecting with it is the site where the vertical transportation of the whole building takes place and is designed into a well-proportioned shared space. The Cigar Bar displays emphatically the masculinity of male, modeling the European clubs in structure, and encircles the central furnace with abundant woodworks, thus structuring a dialogue of extraordinary taste.
The second floor is mainly occupied by VIP rooms, displaying oriental decorative style. The presidential suite takes the neo-classical decoration as the background, furnished with Sino-western furniture and soft outfits of soft and elegant colors, forging quiet yet graceful rest space.

No. 2 Building is the Conference Center Building, whose ground floor is mainly utilized for receiving and banqueting guests, while the strip-type aisle connects a large banquet hall that can accommodate 1000 people, whose capacity is second to none among the national hotels. The wood finishes on the hall wall and the stone pillars carved with wall lamps endows a much spatial sense of rhythm and strength; the carpet spotted with romantic floral patterns corresponds to the ceiling decorated with crystal lamps, shedding much light of elegance and dignity to the entire hall.

The second floor is equipped with a multifunctional hall and conference room, whose dark wood finishes collocates with the light soft outfits, displaying much solemnity and elegance, suitable for the requirements of various conferences.
50000 m2
Interior Design
LAD Group