Residential Villa
November 29, 2018
Yue Mansion
November 26, 2018
Land Use Program - utilize land resource effectively The importance of flexible planning and sustainable development lies in that the planning structure should be adjustable, the building line could be extended, and the building could be expanded. Adaptability of one section to the future adjustment - one place that is applied is the one that could develop with requirements and function. "Ancient Folk House" is a dynamic plan, which is being modified with development demand.

Ground and above ground level space disposition - low density, high efficiency As to the planning construction density, the floor area ratio of different sections will be arranged respectively. They should go with architecture façade principle and public appearance restrictions. Take care of the relative density of building in each section. Leave a big and complete area for open landscaping planning so that the space layout would seem more in order. Greening land will take a large part of the total and they are arranged in many forms: block, community, small square, and big open green land.

Building Dispositions - Different shape, different space system Combination of various types of ancient architecture appearance, such as folk house of Huizhou, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanxi. Combination of ancient and modern architecture measure and element - add modern design element into rebuilding of ancient houses and add ancient relic of most appreciation value into construction of new building, such as stone or wood statue or sculpture.
Moreover, we use new structure technology to keep the ancient folk house of its original style. Combination of gardening techniques - gathering of Chinese classic gardening layout and England and French style gardening skills with different plants and ecology systems; we can see the architecture art without national boundary.

Light shadows - design the building suitable to geographic location and natural surroundings Put great emphasis on sight integration of indoor and outdoor and reach a better sightseeing effect. Taking advantage of the weather features, we try to create a desirable space environment, which could reflect green culture. Planning format and resource utilization - take full consideration of the surrounding environment situation and take this as the basis of architecture design so as to save energy and be environmentally friendly.

The sense of environmental protection is the basis of design. We insist in simultaneous planning of environmental protection design and architecture design. It shows in the natural landscaping of the surroundings. Expand the greening land and realize the greening intensity both indoor and outdoor. There are big or middle squares outside paved with hard materials. Plants will also be introduced to the indoor lobby so that greening shall continue from outside to the inside. Pay attention to building and green landscaping connection. The greening area shall go through building groups and echo with them by sight axis and water sight system so that they together will form a sight system indoor and outdoor of great appeal.
Over 180,000 m2
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