Grigorian Design Group, LTD GDG

Grigorian Design Group, LTD, GDG, founded in 1990 by George Grigorian, an American architect and interior designer in New York.

GDG is a creative architecture and interior design company in the field of modern and historical architectural design. The designers of GDG came to realize exceptional harmony by blending aesthetic sensibility with function, environment and state of the art technology. Our design solutions are the expression of our client’s hopes and dreams within the context of specific program requirements and budget.

Our diverse roster of projects throughout the world reflects GDG’s range of expertise in residential, commercial, corporate and hospitality / hotel design. The staff at GDG offers a team of talented design professionals, confident in its capability of guiding a client from initial concept to completed project. From the outset, the client is welcomed into the design process.


George Grigorian

President & CEO
General Designer

Jerry Zheng

Director &
Chief Operating Officer

Ara Avetisyan


Jef Chen


Simon Xiang