Chongqing Langfu Boutique Hotel

The goal of the design was to arrange a combination of Chinese traditional and modern architecture to create a unique space which embodies the fusion of ancient and modern architecture. We wish to allow visitors to taste the rich flavor of traditional oriental culture and tranquility, Chinese charm and to lift the intrinsic value of the project. As the Chinese national consciousness gradually recovers, and traditional culture starts to revive, its people gradually accept and appreciate the subtle and elegant Chinese-style, the new Chinese style becomes more fashionable.

As foreign architects with a more international perspective, what we hope to achieve and try to create is a new Chinese style, not to completely restore ancient ways. We introduce genuine historical houses into the design to reflect Chinese traditional culture as well as for the protection of the beautiful old structures. We combine these structures with the Chinese-style features of the new building. The goal is to meet the aesthetic needs of the modern people and pursue the traditional charm as well as the subtle and elegant oriental spirit. The ancient and new buildings then complement each other.

The Chinese style elements that are reflected in the architecture are:

  • A strong central axis
  • A overall symmetric layout, regular and moderate
  • Layered space relation, showing the hierarchy and beauty of Chinese architecture
  • Simple and beautiful shapes, significant and elegant
  • Strong and mature colors
  • Nature-respecting decorative details, refined and rich in variations

The architecture pursues a life realm of self-cultivation, which fully reflects the spirit of traditional Chinese aesthetics.

We believe that we were able to create a dynamic landmark with an oriental soul and charm, skillfully combining history and modernism, classic and contemporary.


10000 m2
Planning and Architecture Design
Chongqing Langfu RealEstate Co.Ltd.
2012 – now