Dongjiaon Garden China

Like the noble architecture of the Queen Anne era from which they come, Victorian style designs maintain a truly dignified place in the world. In their resplendent aura lies a sense of success and achievement of well-deserved wealth and status. Then they inject the inspiration into the architectural and interior design of Dongjiao Garden.

The asymmetrical modeling, round and sharp spires, sturdy stone roofing, pronounced chimney, enlarged terraces, and classy portico define the outline of the villa giving it a genuine stately appearance. Sandstone from the deep in the Mediterranean Sea decorates the exterior villa walls, The lower exteriors are arranged with an attractive mix of stones, as is the roof exterior, offering a genuinely peaceful feel as they mix harmoniously with natural light. The overall effect is very soothing in its appearance and adds to the beauty of the home.

Adding to its welcoming warmth and beauty is a specially designed solid-cored door, set in a frame that allows for a wealth of incoming light in the inner doorway offering additional warmth to the entrance environment. The sublime crystal lamps match the refined dignity associated with the Victorian style. What’s more, the intelligent ambient lighting system is designed to shift light naturally, avoiding sharp, sudden changes that can be harsh on the eyes.

Interior design is in accordance with the architecture design. It embodies the designer’s understanding of exalted life of Victorian Style. The grand comes from the materials and ornament details. The application of the stone realizes a luxurious space. Colorful carpet fabric has given the limitless comfort and warm of space. The jumbo oil painting makes space vivid. The exquisite furniture has shown the features of the space. Nobility is from the perfect application of natural color.


340002 Villa and Country Club
Architecture and Interior Design
Pucheng Real Estate Development
2000 – 2010 Shanghai