Foshu Lake Villa

Located in the south of Nanjing Pearl Spring Tourism Holiday Resort, the project of Foshou Lake leans against Laoshan Mountain in the upper reaches of Foshou Lake, Nanjing. This project park covers a land area of 43.7692 hectares and a floor area of 136639 m2, including mansions, hotels, and auxiliary commercial facilities, with a planned plot ratio of 0.30. By making full use of forest resources on the ridges, this project merges its buildings and roads into the topography.

In addition, by maintaining the original vegetation and topography of the site, this project builds a residential park marked by a perfect combination of labor and nature.

By making full use of its location advantage of the project and incorporating the keynote design concepts, this project will create a high-quality garden-like leisure holiday resort with a picturesque environment, a comfortable residence and a beautiful scenery of lake and mountain. It is a perfect combination of nature and European classic art. According to topographical conditions, the land use plan allocates high-grade properties on a better piece of land, on which various groups are distributed topographically so that every household can obtain a nice landscape. Moreover, the landscape design is conducted according to the concept of a holiday resort. The landscape is built around water and mountain according to topographical changes. A garden lake is built on the low and natural water surface at the center of the project, forming its own sceneries.


43.7 Hectares
Planning Architecture and Interior Design
Suning Universal Group
2009 – Now, Nanjin