La Chambord China

The luxurious houses of La Chambord are of European classical style. They expose a sense of classically inspired nature blended from freedom and grandeur. The sense of romance, leisure, and luxury is present in all the designs. Our goal was to inspire passion and imagination for the classical feeling in each of the villa designs. The power of the architecture will inspire people’s lives unconsciously influencing their behavior injecting a noble quality to their environment.

The senior architects, with a rich experience in the design of luxurious houses, traveling in Europe and America for many years, have thoroughly mastered the classical art and architectural culture in Europe.

Rich international visions and exquisite architectural implications are incorporated into the architecture, endowing it with a distinguished and elegant soul.

The designers of La Chambord pursue the inherent cultural spirit of classical architecture and pay special attention to the form and details of scale. The architectural shapes are magnificent, rigorous and elegant with the appropriate meticulous details showing the excellence of the architecture. Viewing the nature and appreciating its details, you will not only feel a symbol of wealth but also touch the great power of art delivered by the architectural space.


Exterior Modification Design
Shanghai Da-Di Real Estate Co. Ltd
2010-2012, Shanghai