Lyceum Apartment China

The Lanxin Apartment, located in downtown Shanghai (at #53 South Maoming Rd, between Huaihai Rd and West Yan’an Rd) is under governmental historical preservation. The Lanxin Theatre, Jinjiang Hotel, and Garden Hotel are near this plot, which are also preserved buildings. The friendly design scheme is compatible to the superior location and refined architecture of the area, thereby creating a unique and harmonious landscape with the several European classical architecture styles of buildings in the vicinity of the Lanxin Apartment. The application of Art Deco architectural style maintains a balance with the symmetrical facade, employing the use of geometrical shapes, fine lines, and various decorative elements.

The layout is arranged in three sections: the 1st through 3rd floors mimic the pedestal of a column, thus these columns coupled with stones emphasize its stature. Brick and stone comprise the wall texture, with vertical molding emphasizing the height of the architecture. The roof is two symmetrical towers, with sandstone, brick and copper leaves to accentuate the strength and elegance of the building in the skyline. The Lanxin Apartment’s 16 floors, is comparative in size and proportion to the Jinjiang Hotel, Garden Hotel, and “Oriental Overseas Residence”. This well-planned architectural project reinforces the historical integrity of the location while linking the area’s cultural changing needs.


Architecture and Interior Design
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2005, Shanghai