Tianjin Airport Logistic Plaza

The site which is 137,000 sqm in size is located in the city of Tianjin close to the airport. Views are to an existing golf course on the south side of the site. The other sides of the site are bordered by busy roadways and commercial buildings. The philosophy for the site and building was to create internalized landscape views and open up views to the south. The main entrance is from the secondary road.

The intent was to design a first-class office compile with some commercial support areas. The design is modern free-flowing and organic in form. The idea of flight in motion is what we wish to convey in an abstract form. The organic shape of the building helps to create the various internal landscape plazas and water features which are placed strategically throughout the site.

The architecture opens up to the views of the internal landscaped environments and to the south. The massing of the architecture works with the site by gradually stepping up in height from the inner plazas and the south to the perimeter of the site where the building is the highest. The maximum building height is 43 meters, which is governed by height restrictions at the airport zone.


137000 m2
Planning & Architecture Design
Tianjin Baili Construction Engineering Co.,Ltd.
2009 – 2011