Yue Mansion

This project has a total planned land area of 81703 square meters, including 76303 square meters of residential land and 5400 square meters of kindergarten land. The height of residences is lower than 100 meters. Distributed from the south to the north, this project gradually rises from the east to the west, thus forming a natural and rich urban contour line. The orientation of the buildings tries to reinforce the introversion of the entire land. This project has built a comfortable and pleasant space by taking the vast landscape view of various residential buildings into consideration.

In addition, this project avoids the influence of external disadvantageous conditions on residences by fully considering external disadvantageous factors, including Auchan, high-tension line, viaducts of Yingtian Street and transformer station reserved to its east. The pedestrian streamline and vehicle streamline are on different elevations. House-moving vehicles do not pass on the ground. No parking spots are set on the ground.

A ring is planned in connection with the end-style lane of firefighting vehicles (no other vehicles are allowed to move). The major entrance is located on Suojie Street, and the secondary entrance is located in the middle part of Yunjin Road, facing the central Greenbelt. A large-scope central greenbelt is planned at the center of the residential area as the core of the landscape.

In addition, in connection with the dot-style landscape setting in front of various buildings, an introvert landscape space is built around the manmade water system and with the help of the natural garden afforestation. It is interspersed with evergreen plants, arbors, shrubs, flowers, grass, and other vegetations. Two units of residential buildings are laid out in a staggered way, to add the changes in volume. The form of “one stair for one household” is adopted for unit design, to ensure the high-quality residential condition. French Renaissance style is adopted.


82000 m2
Planning Architecture and Interior Design
Crland Real Estate Development. Ltd.
2010 – Now, Nanjing