Bound of Bund Shanghai

The Bound of Bund is located at No.460 South Zhongshan Road, adjacent to the urban arterial roads like East Fuxing Road, South Zhongshan Road, etc. and close to the Huangpu River and the World Expo. Within a range of 3km, there are many component-based developments, including the Bund, Lujiazui, People’s Square, Huaihai Park, Xintiandi, etc. It features the incomparable geographic position and is very rare to see in Shanghai.

The new classicalism style stresses the unity of simplicity and complexity and the integrity of the whole building. The encasing and engraving with special care give people an impression of scrupulousness and meticulousness.

It not only reserves the rough style of material quality and color and emphasizes the traditional historic vestige and the profound cultural connotation, but also throws away the complicated texture and decoration and simplifies the lines. The Bound of Bund’s facade strictly follows the classical “three-section” partition and fully reflects the tidiness and orderliness of the new classicalism. The accurate scale and the perfect symmetry create the harmonious beauty. The bottom layer and the top roof adopt the multi-points semicircle arc. The decorative lines of the details, such as a cornice, plinth, etc. are classical and smooth.


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