Greenland Hysun China

Dated back to the transitional period from the ornamentalism to the modernistic style, the contemporary style particularly preserves and simplifies the fine line and the floor rhythm sensation of the ornamentalism, to which, modern materials and technologies are added.

The contemporary interior design and decoration brim over with a variety of rhythms, showing the height of fashion that common fashion trends could never reach. Thus the contemporary style, widely prevalent among the eastern and western top hotel and the residential area, start to become a rising as well as an everlasting classic.

Neoclassic style can be regarded as a new presentation of the classical aesthetics, which fully affirms the aesthetic and life appeal of the classicism and fully follows partial decorative elements which tend to be enhanced and promoted.

Visual conflict of new and old, simple and complex is an unforgettable contradiction that vividly embodied by its name-Neoclassic style. Moreover, the overall balance, driving from the meticulous design and arrangement, also demonstrates an incomparable beauty to all of us.


220 m2, 350 m2, 450 m2
Interior Design
Greenland Group
2008-2009, Shanghai