Howard Johnson Aluya Plaza China

Howard Johnson Aluya Plaza Zhuoshan is located at Lu’jia’zhi, an island situated on the alluring harbor city of Zhoushan. It is positioned as a high-grade leisure, residential and commercial district.

The hotel’s architecture is grand and magnificent. It has a spectacular view of the city and is considered a landmark because of its superb location. It is a perfect place to hold business meetings, conferences, recreational activities, and entertainment.

The interior layout of the hotel shows distinct gradations and smooth circulation. The contemporary design blends with the rich regional culture to create a stylish and sophisticated five-star hotel. The composition of materials and finishes are well thought of to achieve an atmosphere of uncluttered elegance.

Upon entering the lobby, guests are greeted by a double volume height ceiling where two imposing stone columns act as vertical support. A multitude of small crystals simulating raindrops illuminates the grand lobby like cascading water forming ripples on the floor. The gracious curve of the grand staircase and the form of the chandelier give a nice balance to the linear structure of the architectural elements.

As you wander down the lobby, guests are greeted by the panoramic view of the sea at the Lobby Lounge. The unique ceiling detail in bronze pipes mimics the sound and rhythm of the waves. It connects with the exterior surrounding and interweaves flawlessly into the space.

The hotel features several restaurants that offer a variety of enticing and savory cuisine. It showcases different design elements that make it distinct from one another. It depicts a character of exotic appeal and timeless flair. It showcases oriental features but in an understated manner. The setting is inviting and it caters to the discriminating needs of the client.

The Ballroom radiates with glamour and is graced by dazzling crystal chandeliers that sparkle like diamond. To infuse the lavish space, some of the accent walls are clad in a lush cream fabric and outlined in metal and dark marble. The neutral backdrop gives a nice contrast to the vivid colors of the carpet.

The Spa, Fitness Center and Conference rooms offer state of the art facilities. With its modern setting and clean lines, it evokes a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. The design is fresh and light with an artistic appeal to it.

The guestrooms and suites exude a contemporary and comfortable aesthetic and feature an eclectic selection of furnishings. The soothing color scheme in warm tone provides a haven of comfort for the weary traveler. It is tastefully adorned with modern accents to go with the overall contemporary feel. An unforgettable journey, a one of a kind experience and a home away from home for discerning leisure and business travelers alike.


50000 m2
Interior Design
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