InterContinental Shanghai Ruijin

During the earlier period of urbanization in Shanghai’s French Concession, the Morriss family purchased a total of 175 hectares of land and developed it into an ornate garden called the “Maurice Garden”. A parcel of this land is where the Ruijin Guesthouse was built during the 1930s. The property served as a private residence for the family before it was occupied by the Japanese during World War II.

Located in one of Shanghai’s historical ornate gardens, the Shanghai Ruijin Guesthouse is a villa-style hotel set amid picturesque surroundings. The estate is a great representation of the old and new Shanghai which celebrates one of the most influential design movements in history which is the Art Deco style.

To preserve the heritage of the building, the approach of the public areas design is to restore existing elements while keeping the glamour style and artistry of the glorious Shanghai Art Deco era. Inspired by the sweeping curves and geometric lines, meticulous detailing of design elements including windows, handrails and wall paneling bring a gracious touch creating an emotional connection for the guests from the moment of arrival and departure. It represents luxury, glamour, and exuberance.

The vibrant colors in magnificent sapphire blue and warm earth tones create an inviting setting. Sophisticated and contemporary furnishings in contrasting hues mirror the ornate architectural details and add visual depth. Sculptural pieces, striking decorative accents, and high gloss wood finishes add to the richness of the interior.

To create visual harmony and continuity from the public areas to the guestrooms, similar pattern, texture, and form is conveyed in a modernized way. With a diverse culture brought by foreign dignitaries from around the world, an oasis of tranquil respite is created to provide a unique experience for the discerning clientele.

The glitzy look of the guestrooms represents the character, wealth and prosperity of Shanghai in the 1920s. Shades of high polished black, silver and spectrums of grays are used to create an environment befitting a king, accentuated with an antique gold tone to bring shimmer. A stunning view of a historic garden exudes a feeling of serene atmosphere. Geometric forms give a nice contrast to the curvaceous silhouettes of the furnishings. Carefully selected materials such as exotic wood veneers, luscious and enduring fabrics, highly stylized decorative lighting and artistic sculptures add to the luxurious experience coupled with innovative facilities for utmost comfort. Truly a unique and memorable experience where opulence and comfort thrive.


33 Rooms
Interior Design
Donghu group