Kaide Maomin Apartment China

Shanghai is a multi-cultural metropolis with both modern and traditional features. It is known as the “Paris of the East” and the “Queen of the Orient”. The influence of Western culture has brought a huge impact on the design style of this exciting city thus, making it a place to behold.

Capital Land Mao Ming Mansion is a great representation of the diverse cultural background of Shanghai. It embodies the true essence of what this city is all about. Exciting, vibrant and alive. The old world charm and elegance of the Neo-classic style and the modern influence of the West is the inspiration for the model unit.

A base of classicism layered with contemporary impressions in the pattern, form, and finish exude an atmosphere of luxury. The composition of classic elements reinterpreted through streamlined scale and shape add to the timeless sophistication.

The careful harmony of beige and browns accentuated with a bold accent color generates a wonderful sense of being. Bespoke furniture and modern inspired accessories introduce a twenty-first-century spirit to an eighteenth-century style. Layers of rich texture, geometric forms and hard materials at its highest quality yield a sublime experience that is totally captivating and perfectly inviting.


400 m2
Interior Design
Capital Land