Park Hotel Shanghai

In 1934 four-bank association (organized by four banks, namely Zhong Nan, Da Lu, Jin Cheng, and Yang Ye ) built Park Hotel on Jian An Temple road and Pai Ke road (current Nan Jing road and Huang He road). It was designed by Mungarian designer Wudake and constructed by Fu Ji Builder. Park Hotel is 82-meters high with 24 stories (including two floors underground), with its steel structure and the shape of American skyscraper of that time, the hotel belonged to the highest building in the country and in the Far East at that time. Black granite is used for the bottom of its exterior wall and brown brick for the upside wall.

The 1st floor for bank, the 2nd floor for bill room, the 3rd floor for meeting room, the 4th-13th floor for guest room, 14th floor for ballroom, 15th-19th floor for VIP apartment, the sitting room of chairman also located on the 19th floor has its special nonstop elevator. The 20th-22nd floor for equipment room and refrigerating room, the basement for furnace room and a watch stage is located on the 22nd floor. It was rebuilt to be a hotel after liberation. The ground floor for lobby, the 1st floor for public facilities, the 2nd floor for Chinese dining hall, the 3rd floor for Western dining hall and from the 4th floor all for guest room. During decorating, the designer reopened and redesigned the atrium space of ground floor and first floor according to the original decoration style in order to make the lobby more grand and magnificent.


20000 m2 400 Rooms
Interior Restoration and Renovation
Jinjiang Group
1996 – 1998