Royal Victoria Hotel Xiamen

The Xiamen Royal Victoria Hotel takes root at the foot of hills and beside the sea, with superior geographical position. In the functional layout of the interior design of the hotel, the main space lays emphasis on the space symmetry, as well as the smooth of the guest moving-line on the lateral and vertical direction. In the decorative form, the Spanish style on architecture is extended to indoors and integrated organically with the South Fujian culture to create a space perception of comfort, elegance, magnificence, as well as a delicacy. In the use of materials, much emphasis is given to integrity and bright color. Besides fully considering the visual quality and costs of entire materials of the five-star hotel, much attention is paid to building decoration materials.

Completely symmetrical in space, the second-floor lobby of the hotel utilizes such typical elements as consecutive pillars, vaults and arch doorway, together with stone columns and delicate large chandeliers to create a friendly atmosphere of magnificence and elegance.

The sea viewing platform unites the original building top surface window form, adopts the composition method of axial symmetry, employs consecutive arch and red brick column, while at the same time, exploits large surface of glass partition, decorated with delicate virescence, commanding a panoramic view of the indoor gorgeous seascape as well as extending the outdoor scenes into indoor.

The design of the guest room porch adopts the original building pillars to form regularly-arranged vaults and unites the hidden troffer and circular window opening series to create an intensified sense of rhythm. The interior design of the guest room pays much attention to the control of details and scales. The indoor wall form and furniture correspond to the building’s exterior arch form elements. The Mediterranean-style colors and mechanism are collocated to strength the Spanish cultural identity of the entire design.


400 Rooms
Interior Design
Xiamen Diyuan Victoria Hotel Co.,Ltd
2008 – 2010