Shanghai Fudi Garden

Retracing the steps of European royalty and enchanting castles allow you to journey into the grandeur of the past, the celebrations, and richness of its culture. The union of the lavish interiors and comforts of modern day living has been achieved by creating a luxury signature style residence for a famous celebrity. She is the epitome of beauty and grace who has a penchant for throwing extravagant parties. Educated abroad, well-traveled and acquainted with both eastern and western cultures. The Shanghai Fudi Garden uses Monaco as its design theme to depict the similarities of upper-class lifestyle in this captivating eastern city called Shanghai, where imprints of the past act as inspiration.

The Oriental Monaco style exudes an atmosphere of perfection, beauty, and glamour. The warm and welcoming ambiance enhanced by a light neutral palette gives a nice contrast to the rich decorative elements. The luscious fabric, the gleaming marble floors with its ornate pattern and the intricate architectural details all contribute to an exceptionally indulgent and luxurious residential experience. Carefully selected furniture and fittings and objet d’ art reflect a meticulous attention for detail. An urban oasis where you can savor the age-old appeal while in the comfort of now.


300 m2
Apartment Interior Design
Forte Real Estate Investment Co,Ltd